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The Association of International Authors in Sweden

International Authors in Sweden (Sveriges Internationella författarförening, formerly Sveriges invandrarförfatatres förbund, ) was founded in 1974. It is a non-political organization and represents all immigrated authors´ common interest in Sweden.

SVIFF supplies current information between Swedish special institutions within the area and the authors.

SVIFF arranges fora and symposiums for immigrant authors in different parts of the country.

SVIFF is runned entirely by immigrants and is not subordinated to any other organization.

A special collection of the works of immigrant authors is located in the library at the Immigrant Institute.

Some of their books you can already find here.

Other SVIFF activities:

  • participates in cultural programmes and in schools.
  • within its capacity helps the authors with legal aid.
  • consultations.
  • sees that an equal share of the govermental grant to literature goes to immigrated authors.
  • gives advice concerning available scholarships.
  • makes a list of immigrant authors.

SVIFF is a member of the Immigrant Institute and is actively supporting the work of the House of Immigrants, where information about immigrated culture workers is collected, such as literature, paintings and sculptures, photographs, posters, exhibition catalogues and paper cuttings.

SVIFF is also a member of The National Federation of Immigrants.

The membership fee is 200 sek per year paid to plusgiro 718 947-5.

Sveriges Internationella författarförening

Katrinedalsgatan 43


Phone: +46-(0)33-13 60 70.
Fax: +46-(0)33-13 60 75.